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" Support & Oppose the following "



A Flat / Fair Structure.

R / D Tax Incentives.

reduce capital gains.

The repeal of the marriage tax penalty.

oppose the A.M.T and the Estate Tax.

Our federal income tax code makes our country less competitive

and takes away our nation's potential for job growth and creation.

It is time to get rid of 72,000 pages of internal revenue tax code

complexity and have a more Simplified tax code.



Balance - Budget Amendment - Except in a time of war or national calamity.

We need budget  restraits, responsible spending, smaller goverment and a budget,

inwhich our government spends within its means and does not impact our future

generation with massive debt.




Tax incentives for companies who employ American workers.

Less government regulations and red tape.

Small business / manufacturing tax incentives.

Fair trade.

oppose our imbalance trade agreements.


Health Care


Oppose Government-run health care - "Obama Care."

Oppose Government - imposed coverage mandates.

support Tort reform.

support Expanding the availability of health savings accounts.

support Interstate competition of health-care providers.

support Medicare and Medicaid reform.




support our veterans to have more choice for their health care

needs and multiple healthcare options to choose from.

It's time to hold the veterans’ administration accountable for

the delays in healthcare to our vets, reevaluate all funding, and admission

policies at the Veterans Administration We have a moral responsibility to

our men and women who have served our country. I will fight and vote to

protect our veterans and military families to receive the proper benefits

and healthcare services that they deserve, In a timely and effective manner.

support effective solutions; policies that guide and help prevent veterans’ from becoming homeless.




Decision making policies at a local and state level.

Choice in education including vouchers to parents.

The Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem in public schools.

Against " Common-Core. "

oppose federal government decision making in our education system.




Energy independence.

Expanding of offshore oil and gas drilling.

The immediate lifting of bans against drilling.

Refinery construction.

Development of alternative energy.

The construction of the Keystone XL Pipe-Line.




support realist efforts to preserve the environment.

will only support factual data, not politicized science.

oppose the creative " cap & trade " climate change policy's that

ensures nothing, but unfair taxes on businesses and consumers.


Social Security


Social Security reform.

A 'lock box' policy for our social security revenues.

Responsible Social Security reform allowing choice

of private individual retirement account option.

seniors receiving or close to receiving social security

should remain getting their full benefits with no changes.

gradually increasing the retirement age of younger workers.

We need to ensure long-term sustainability, while giving our seniors

more choices to choose to do what they want with their money period.




Stiff penalties for document fraud.

A guest workers program.

All available technology to help support our agents at the borders.

A reform immigration system that will create a path to earned legal status.

We must enforce our laws on visa overstays.

support building a wall on the border and increase border patrol.

Close all loop holes that are not in compliance with our laws.

Oppose federal funding for sanctuary cities that choose to refuse our immigration laws.

Support E-vertify.

Support Katie law.


National Security


Keeping our Armed forces at full strength.

All terrorists should be tried in a military tribunal.

No Miranda Rights for terrorists.

No foreign aid to state sponsors of terror.

The expansion of Guantanamo.

Accountable / transparency in defense spending.

oppose our U.N. funding policy.

oppose any cuts to our veterans and their family benefits.

We should Not take any Military Options off the table, when we are confronted

with any radical Terrorist Group who threatens or Plots to take away our freedom and

threatens the security of the united states of america.

Iran Nuclear Deal is a bad deal for america and our alliesWe should not remove

the sanctions on Iran, But implement aggressive sanctions to create a better deal

that prevents Iran from building a Nuclear Bomb.  

" No deal is better than a bad deal ”

I support that all agreements Negotiated should be fully disclose to Congress and

voted on by congress.




support and will defend our Constitution, liberty and our Religious Freedom.

Support the right of all law-abiding Americans to keep and Bear Arms.

The use of Executive power for "political Purpose" will only divide our Elected

Representatives and move further from transparency.  We must go thru

Congress for Congressional issues.

oppose the president unconstitutional executive orders.

Oppose the President and the left’s gun control policies that infringes on our

2nd amendment rights.

oppose any legislation or policy's that infringes on our constitutional second

amendment rights, to ensure our gun rights are not compromise in any way.

Oppose Discrimination against law-abiding citizens merely for their legal ownership

of a firearm goes against our constitution second amendment rights.


Term Limits


support term limits.




support the concept of traditional marriage between one man and one woman.


Sanctity of Life


support the life at conception. - " PROLIFE "

We must protect the innocent from fetal tissue experimentation, embryonic

research and human genetic engineering. Harvesting, trafficking and selling

baby parts is just barbaric practices.  We should not spend one dime of taxpayers’

money to fund Planned Parenthood genocide.  We need to hold people accountable

for their actions.




I vow to help protect our nation's religious freedoms instead of allowing our

government to continue to restrict the influence of faith that has always been

part of our nation's rich history and which has made America the greatest nation

in the world.







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